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March 6, 2020, 1:00 PM

Greetings for the Lenten season are often difficult. During Christmas we can say… “Merry Christmas.” We might say “Have a blessed Advent” during the Advent season. “Happy Easter” works well for the Easter season. “Merry Lent” … “Happy Lent”… these greetings tend to fall short or give the wrong impression. The greeting I often use is “Have a Holy Lent”, or I might use “Have a Blessed Lent.” Lent is a time of self-reflection but it must not stop there because if it does then we run the risk of becoming self-absorbed. Lent must be a time of self-reflection leading to preparation. The good news is that we know what we are preparing for. That is not hidden from us. We are heading for Easter. We are heading for the Day of Resurrection. We are heading for the moment where the gates of heaven flew open and the world caught a glimpse of what happens when God’s world (heaven) and human’s world (earth) overlap…death is replaced by life…darkness is overtaken by light. That is what we are preparing for. We are preparing for the coming of the Kingdom of God. So our self-reflection should lead us to a deeper contemplation of this coming Kingdom. That is why I’ve often used the phrases “Holy Lent” or “Blessed Lent” because this time is a holy time. It is a blessed time. During Lent the Holy Spirit uses spiritual practices that we may focus on to help prepare us for the coming Kingdom. It is not work we do by ourselves. The Spirit of Christ accompanies us or else our Lenten journey would be for nothing. That’s what makes this time so Holy and so Blessed. In turning our attention to preparing for the Kingdom it is a special time that the Holy Spirit draws close to the church in order to give us the grace and the faith to change…to repent…to be renewed.


My prayer for our Lenten journey...


Gracious God,

As your people we are called to remember where we come from

send your Spirit to remind us where we are going.

Work in us your will and grant us the faith to draw closer to you;

forming us into the image of your son our Lord Jesus the Christ,

who with you and the Holy Spirit are one God to be worshipped

forever and ever. AMEN!


Have a blessed and holy Lent.


03-06-2020 at 5:28 PM
Beautifully expressed. Thank you.
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